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Our Story

At Pan African Wellness we heal, teach, and we restore the power within our community members. We take pride in the three C's, which stand for coaching, culture, and connection. We believe wellness in our personal life, as an athlete, or in our professional life is not something that can exist singularly. Wellness lives in the alignment of our emotional life, physical body, and our spiritual life. Further, it becomes more obtainable when we bring conscious thought to how we manage our energy, our relationships, and our own minds. We coach to create a winning personal narrative, develop a winning life strategy, and restore harmony through establishing personal standards.

The Spirit of JEGNA

Pan African Wellness is founded in the spirit of the Jegna, as we know you don't need a degree to heal or help someone manifest their Inner (G). A Jegna is African term that speaks to a person who is a protector of culture and is not afraid to speak truth to power. A Jegna is full of integrity and is committed to the welfare and protection of a people. It is a spirit that wants to see individuals grow into the best version of themselves. It's a selfless nature that finds joy in seeing others manifest their blessing. We train everyday people, community members, and family members to be the Jegna in their home, community, job, and the world.

At the Pan African Wellness, we honored the lived experience of our community members and believe that training and a certification from Pan African Wellness provides individuals with the knowledge, supports system, and the tools needed to serve the community. We empower everyday people to take back the authority to heal, inspire, teach and motivate as the true healing power is in the heart to connect.

Our Team

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