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Ego says “Once everything falls into place, I will find peace. Spirit says, “Once I find peace, everything will fall into place”

Culture, Coaching, and Connection!

You don’t have to do it alone. Find a coach, learn, heal and grow!

What We Do

We create an environment so seeds of potential grow into abundant realities.

Pan African Cultural Restoration Coaching is designed to help you heal, learn, and restore the balance in your life. We take pride in developing custom wellness plans and then walking with you on your journey to wellness. We specialize in holistic health as we know you can only be as healthy as the environment you call home. Therefore, our approach to working through anxiety, depression, ADHD, and all western pathologies is to identify ways to align you mentally, physically, spiritually, culturally, socially, and energetically. We believe when there is alignment, we can "Vibe" at a consistent level and transmute the low vibrations that come our way into lessons and blessings.


Many of our community members seek to achieve a goal, change a behavior, or break through a psychological or spiritual barrier. Our PAW Coaches are trained in how to support intergenerational trauma, breakthrough generational curses, and create alignment between the conscious and subconscious minds so you can achieve your goals. Our coaching methods are grounded in trauma-informed care, cultural knowledge, and the African spiritual concepts of energy work, consciousness, and seeing the world through your spiritual eye. We seek to heal from the inside out, which is grounded in the overstanding that what you seek is seeking you. The more harmony you have with your own existence, the more magical life becomes.


At Pan African Wellness, we believe that everyone has the power to heal so we also offer opportunities for your wisdom, knowledge, and expertise to have a monetary value. So, in addition to our coaching and counseling services we train and certify individuals, students, and professionals to become cultural restoration coaches. Therefore, we welcome all shamans, root workers, energy workers, empaths, clairvoyants, and all with a talent to heal to join our team. 


Monthly Maintenance Plan

Monthly Subscription to your Wellness

The mind is like a garden, and it requires we attend to it daily to reap the best harvest. However, we don’t have to do it alone. Purposeful collaboration allows us to know more, do more and be more. The mental health maintenance plan is our way of ensuring our youth received the guidance, mentorship, and wisdom required to live a life rooted in love for culture, self-knowledge, and the desire to fulfill a purpose driven life.


Find a coach and thrive!

  • Monthly Plan

    Every month
    Monthly Mental Health Maintenance Plan for Youth
    • Development of an individual Wellness Plan
    • Weekly Coaching Session towards identified goals
    • Bi-weekly Group coaching session
    • Monthly Words of Wisdom from a PACRC elder
    • Monthly Family Check in Meeting: Ensures alignment of goals,
    • Invitation to the Pan African Wellness Cultural Celebration


"Everything negative such as pressure or challenges is all an opportunity for you to rise. Pressure is a privilege and a gift that holds its own special energy. When you learn to cultivate and harvest that energy that can only be created by pressure, you will move from Zero to dangerous. An African Proverb states as above so below and as below so above. This means that the same intensity of doubt, fear, shame, or discouragement you feel can be transmuted into an equal amount of confidence, fearlessness, pride, or passion. Do not be ashamed of what you feel, transmute it into power"

Dr. Chase Moore

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Join Us

Become A Certified PACRC Coach

The Cultural Restoration Coaching Certificate provides you with the knowledge, skills, and resources to transform the lives of BIPOC youth and families. You will develop competencies to support individuals in aligning with their authentic self. 

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